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Ultra soft Feminine Wipes infused with essential oils

Take a Whore's Bath...

After A Workout


Squeezing in a workout on your lunch break?  Good job, girl!  Toot toot!  But you gonna stank and ain't nobody want to have to wash their hair on a lunch break and do the full routine to look fly again.  TAKE A WHORE'S BATH!

Date Night, Late Night


YEAH GIRL!!!  You up in the club?  Or wherever y'all go to "step out"...I wish I was with you right now.  I can't be, I have hella children, but Whore's Bath can be with you, so it's LIKE I'm there.  Freshen up, girl!  TAKE A WHORE'S BATH!

In the Morning


Late for work, late for school, late for a play date, running behind on dropping off the carpool?  TAKE A WHORE'S BATH!



I mean, do we need a description for this one.  Nope.  DON'T EVER CAMP WITHOUT YOUR WHORE'S BATH.



Have a long flight, lay overs, road trip?  Traveling is the bee's knees, but can leave you feeling unfresh. TAKE A WHORE'S BATH!   

Makeup Remover


You bet!  Compare the ingredients to any other makeup removing cloths!  No alcohol, so you won't get dry skin!  They will nourish your tired skin for a fresh look!  TAKE A WHORE'S BATH!

Waiting For Your "Lady Doctor"


Yep.  We get it.  Like, what do you do?  In the gown, I put my feet in the stirrups, sit here legs crossed?  I DON'T KNOW AND IT'S AKWARD.  TAKE A WHORE'S BATH.  Fun fact: wipe down those feet so the doctor's not all like....girl, your feet stank.

Spray tanner?


I see you, being all healthy and avoiding the sun, but not wanting to look pasty AF.  I have mad respect for you, girl.  Tip:  after the spray down, wipe the backs of your knees, ankles and other areas instructed by your tanning expert.  TAKE A WHORE'S BATH!

Are you a Saloon Girl?


These were named in your honor, and we respect you, saloon girl.   After a long day out on the range or time spent in the saloon...TAKE A WHORE'S BATH!